Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions for 2011

New Years Day is a big day for me in general.  Plans, goals and resolutions that have been forming over the last month finish crystallizing and hopefully, point out a path that I will take in the new year.

Being new to the shakuhachi, there are as many goals as resolutions.  Here we go...

In 2011, I resolve to...

Play every day. (Barring sesshin and retreats)
Practice 5 days a week.
Keep clear the distinction between playing and practicing
Take lessons
Find stability in Kan
Develop art practice with shakuhachi

Goals (that may or may not be reasonable)

Learn my first piece of Honkyoku
Play at the top of Mt. Tremper
Play at my dojo's O-soji.

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New Years is a significant day for me in terms of Shakuhachi.  In 2008, I was given a Tai Hei 2.1 by my friend Walt, who was moving out to BC.  On New Year's day 2009, Walt committed suicide.  Today, I will play my 2.1 for him.  I can't play Tamuke yet, but I play for his memory, and in appreciation for the beauty that this instrument has brought into my life.

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