Friday, February 11, 2011

Taking It In

A lot of the blogs that I read are full of self-confident, interpretive opinions.  Speaking from experience and some amount of wisdom, authors express their take on various events and topics.  The exceptional bloggers manage to maintain a sense of their relative perspective, and avoid coming across as a "know-it-all".  I am never more conscious of this than when I post to this blog.

Although I try to limit my blogging to expressions of my direct experience, the knowledge of the topic is a huge factor.  I am considerably less confident in my writing of this blog than I am when I publish AikiEssays.

Why this particular rant?  Now that I am working with a teacher, I am taking great enjoyment in being at the beginning of this thing.

I have been wandering in the woods in the dark of night.  Light or dark, I love the woods.  The sounds and smells hold me tightly.  The feeling of the space penetrates me.  Then, I am handed a lantern.  With this change, I am still in the woods, but I can put direction to my exploration.  I am no longer wandering in the dark.

The use of this blog is more like a personal log (without the star-date).  This my best expression of what is happening on this journey, and how it feels as I encounter it.