Friday, April 8, 2011

Lessons, Playing and Songs


I had another lesson with Chikusen last night.  I still take pause after each to wonder why I did not make lessons a priority earlier.  I continue to enjoy the process and I like making connection with other players.  There aren't any other players around where I live.  Or at least, I have not found them yet.

This week we talked abit more about rhythm, but spent most of our time on pitch adjustment.  Skype might not be as good as a live lesson, but it is dang near.  Michael was able to work with me on bell height, placement on chin, posture and emboucher to get my pitch higher.  I was able to reproduce it, but it will take practice until this become the new normal.

That made up most of the time, but we also returned to the point of blowing rather than aiming, and added a couple of new songs.


The more I play, the more I play.  When I am playing songs, I spend most of my time playing the ones I am learning in my lessons.  They fill my head.  These songs of a culture and history I can barely taste, given the place and time of my birth.  And yet, they weave their way into my body.

When I improvise, I find that broader and broader possibilities manifest.  My fingers are learning landscape of the instrument.  More and more breath becomes fuel for its creative designs.  slowly the gap between myself and the instrument fades.  Sometimes, it is forgotten entirely.


Ouma no Oyako
Yuyake Koyake
Kutsu ga Naru
Hietsuki Bushi
Azatoya Yunta
Takeda no Komoreuta
Kyorei (first half)
Etenraku (shakuahchi #1, part 1 and 2)
**I am figuring out "Sally Garden", but am stuck at a point where I believe meri notes must be involved.

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