Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ready for Ro

It has been a difficult week or so at work.  In fact, it has been the worst week emotionally that I have ever had in my career.  I have missed Aikido and been thrown off of my entire schedule.  Things will be fine, and are in fact much better than they felt when they unfolded.

In the midst of all of this, practicing shakuhachi has been a great anchor.  In many ways, almost as valuable as zazen.  I am making a point of doing Ro-Buki for ten minutes at the start of each session, trusting in the advice of those who have walked this path before me.  I am starting to touch a point where notes in Kan don't feel so difficult to produce, but are not particularly steady.

This weekend I will be starting with a new practice book.  Actually, it will be my first.  My birthday closely follows Christmas, and when I was asked by my wife and mother what I wanted, I said "money for lessons".  The one lesson I had last year was a Skype lesson from Michael Chikuzen Gould.  I will return to him for a series of lessons in the new year.

One more day of work before a greatly needed vacation.  It is sure to be filled with rest, play and family.

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  1. great to hear you'll be getting some chikuzen sensei lessons! i'm hoping to hook back up with him as well once i knock some dust off. i've found him to be a great teacher - of more than just the instrument really. he gets the whole deal.